Updated – 06/06/2023

The Winlink HF and VHF gateways in Bedford will shutdown on June 12, 2023 for about 60 days.

I am moving to a new location in Bedford.

I hope to be back in operation during August.

The K1EHZ-12 VHF gateway in Bow will remain in service during this period.

Thank you for your patience!




Updated – 06/06/2023

Help Needed!!

We are doing another ham radio booth at the Big E this September. The dates are Friday, September 15th through Sunday, October 1st. The goal is to introduce ham radio to the general public, show that it is still relevant, and to interest the public in signing up for ham courses.

Just like last year there are two shifts per day with each one being 6 hours long.  Each shift requires 3 people in the booth this year.

We are making changes in the layout of the booth to make it more friendly to the public in the hopes to draw more people in. 

We have applied for another ARDC grant and if we get it, we can reimburse the cost of admission and parking for everyone. We do hope to get another grant.

Last year the booth spoke to approximately 1200 to 1300 people about ham radio. We hope to do the same or more again this year.

As clubs you are welcome to show your banner on the day or session you are there as well as bring a few items to showcase what your club is about to the public.

We are asking that you spread the word to your club members and try to get a group together to staff the booth for a session or the whole day. OR just ask your club members to sign up for a session to help staffing the booth. Last year we have over 100 volunteers from clubs all over New England. Will your club be one of them this year?

Please follow this link to sign up or if you are a club and want a certain day/session that is still available, please email Larry, W1AST direct at W1AST@arrl.net or if you have any questions about the booth.

We do have a groups.io group at:  https://groups.io/g/ProjectBigE

Sign up here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvo1vUzuuJTHbTtDLeApQQD1m4ZzX9kVe_hF2416e6apho3g/viewform

Help to make this year’s Ham Radio Booth at the Big E a success, please volunteer!


Larry, W1AST


Updated – 6/03/2023

Our next GM ARES training session will be on Thursday July 20th at 18:00. We will be meeting in-person at the Manchester Health Department. The address is 1528 Elm Street. Please park in the back of the building and use the back entrance. We will be reviewing FLdigi, FLAMP and FLmsg.


Updated – 11/2/2022

Any time on Wednesday send a Winlink Express email to Jack NF1L.
The preferred approach is to send a Winlink email by radio through any HF or VHF  Winlink gateway.
If you have both HF and VHF capability, send only one email per Wednesday.  Alternate HF and VHF on successive weeks if you like.
If you don’t have access to a radio gateway, send your check-in message by Telnet.
– Use a Winlink Express Check in Form found on the Message form under Select Template -> Standard Templates -> GENERAL Forms -> Winlink Check in.txt
– Follow instructions on the form. Complete as many fields as you can.
– Address the Form to NF1L
– In the Comments Block write – Call Sign  First Name   Town   State    Mode – VHF, HF, or Telnet.
– Click Submit at the bottom of the form.
– Post the message to the Outbox.
– Transmit by HF, VHF or Telnet.

Your check-in will be acknowledge prior to the next Winlink Wednesday.