GMARES leverages Fast Light digital (FLdigi) for digital communications between stations. The suite of approved NH ARES programs can be downloaded from here.

Please ensure to download the American Red Cross custom forms and put them in Custom Forms folder within the NBEMS.files folder.

The forms can be downloaded from here.

Please also download the Seabrook Station 300B form and place it in the Custom Forms folder.

  • FLdigi/FLarq 4.1.18 / 4.3.7
  • FLwrap 1.3.5
  • FLmsg 4.0.17
  • FLamp 2.2.05

New England ARES Academy 2020 Presentation – Getting Started with NBEMS (click the play button)

Training Modules

1. Saving & Retrieving FLmsg Files
2. FLmsg ICS-213 Files & Winlink Express
3. FLdigi & Winlink on a VHF Radio
4. FLdigi & Winlink on an HF Radio
5. Finding the Sound Control Panel in Windows 10
6. Printing Winlink Messages and NBEMS Attachments
7. Intro to FLamp
8. Printing FLmsg and FLamp Messages


9. Installing FLdigi Macros
10. Using Macros for Net Check-in
11. Macro Call Box


Learn how to have both FLdigi and Winlink active on a PC with both being able to control a single HF transceiver. Sharing One Serial Port Between Two Programs by N1GB