The Greater Manchester ARES voice nets will begin in August. The schedule will be posted here soon.

The Greater Nashua ARES voice net meets on Monday evening at 19:00.

All interested licensed radio amateurs are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Scheduled Assignments and Repeater
7/29CH 58K9AENNA1T
9/2No Net

Please Note: If you are scheduled as NCS for next week, then you are ANCS for this week.


NCS Script

If you Prior to the start of the net, NCS checks for other stations requiring use of the repeater/frequency. NCS checks if the alternate NCS is on frequency. If the ANCS is not ask for a volunteer.

This is [FCC call sign], Net Control for the weekly Hillsborough County ARES Training Net. [FCC call sign] is the Alternate Net Control. If there is no ANCS, ask for a volunteer. All interested radio Amateurs are invited to participate.

This is a directed net. Any station with traffic or comments will contact net control prior to contacting another station.

When checking in, state “this is” immediately followed by your tactical call. For this net, unless otherwise assigned, your tactical call is your FCC Call sign using standard ITU phonetics. State “Digital” if you have FLDIGI capability and “Traffic” only if you have a real or training message to pass. If you are checking in on an N1IMO repeater include repeater node that you are using. (i.e. Derry, Brookline, Main, Pack Monadnock, or other)

Mobile stations, check in now.

Wait about five seconds after the last check-in heard to avoid missing a station and then acknowledge mobile stations.

This is net control, roger the following…

All other stations, check in now.

Wait about five seconds after the last check-in heard to avoid missing a station. NCS then acknowledges each station that checked in by its tactical call and if it is digital or has traffic.

This is net control, roger the following…

Ask ANCS [FCC Call Sign] Are there any check-ins that were not recognized? If so, check in now.

Do not continually ask for check-ins, after last acknowledgement, state:

This is net control, [FCC call sign].

If a station has traffic, NCS asks that station to list it – precedence, destination, and mode (digital, voice). NCS take appropriate action for passing traffic.

This is [FCC call sign], Net Control. Are there any ARES related announcements, comments, or training for the net? Call signs please.

NCS calls on stations for announcements, comments, or training.

Net Control picks one of the following as appropriate:
•This net meets next Monday on the N1IMO repeater system. NCS is [FCC call sign]

•This net meets next Monday on the W1AKS repeater. NCS is [FCC call sign]
•This net meets next Monday on the CH58 repeater. NCS is [FCC call sign]

•This net meets next Monday on the GSARA repeater. NCS is [FCC call sign]

•This net meets next Monday on Hillsborough Simplex Frequency. NCS is [FCC call sign]

This is Net Control closing this session of the Hillsborough County ARES Training Net.

As appropriate…

Thanks to Bernie – N1IMO, Al – K1AKS, or the GSARA Club for the use of their repeater. The repeater is now returned to normal Amateur use.

[FCC call sign].


Emergency Activation Classifications

Status Description

Level 1: Normal everyday operations. No emergency or precipitating condition exists.

Level 2: A potential for a communication emergency exists. Members should monitor their local ARES net frequencies and email for information on preparing for deployment, and possible activation notices.
Level 3: An unusual condition or emergency exists that has caused government officials to declare a warning. A communications emergency does not yet exist. Affected ECs will initiate their local ARES net. All members should monitor their local net frequency. Members should make all preparations for possible activation. Members will be asked to check in to their local ARESnets and be prepared to state their availability and resources. A Section Coordination & Traffic Net (SCTN) may be initiated on an appropriate frequency circumstances warrant as determined by the ACO. In the case where the SCTN has not yet been initiated and is clearly needed, any EC or his designee may initiate one. Notification will be made to the ACO and to members of NH-ARES by the best available means informing them that the SCTN has been activated. Local ARES leadership will appoint a liaison to check into the SCTN. ECs and/or liaison stations should then monitor the SCTN.

Level 4: A communication emergency exists and volunteer operators and radio resources have been requested by one or more served agencies. Nets in affected areas should be activated, and if needed, the SCTN, as determined by the ACO. ECs in un-affected areas should monitor the appropriate nets in the event additional assistance is required