Winlink is a worldwide radio messaging system that uses amateur band frequencies to provide interconnection services that include email with attachments, emergency and relief communications, and message relay. The entire system is built and administered by volunteers.

GMARES supports a Hybrid Gateway system which utilizes HF and VHF frequencies.  The system is also fully functional when the internet is not available.

For the HF side of the Winlink gateway K1EHZ in Bedford, NH operates on 7102.3 kHz from 0800 to 1900 Local, and then on 3595 kHz from 1900 to 0800 Local.

K1EHZ-10 is the VHF side of the gateway. It can also be reached via one of the many digipeaters in use which expands coverage within southern NH. The gateway and digipeaters operate on 145.710 MHz.

K1EHZ-12BowPacket & VARA FM

The gateway supports ARDOP, Pactor, and VARA 4 on HF. It supports Packet and VARA FM on VHF direct. VARA FM v4.0.1 is required in order to use the K1EHZ-12 digipeater with VARA FM.

K1EHZ-12 also functions as an additional VHF gateway. The gateway provides direct internet access via VARA FM and Packet Winlink.  It also operates on 145.710 MHz.

K1EHZ-12 gateway hosted by KA1SU in Bow, NH
New England ARES Academy 2020 Presentation – Winlink Express (click the play button)

Training Modules

SoundModem & VARA FM set-up guides by K6OLI

Need more help with Winlink? Visit the San Diego ARES YouTube channel where they have many short clips on Winlink. (click the play button)

NVIS for statewide communications

To register for Winlink please visit

For those using MAC or Linux, there is an app which interfaces with Winlink. Click here for more details.